A little about me...

I am a DONA trained and certified Labor Doula, with lactation education/experience. I received my training here in the San Diego area where we are blessed with a strong women's advocacy system. I continue my education to serve my mamas in every way - which includes my SpBAP (Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner) designation, The Doula Professional Series through the BEC, Rebozo certification, and BBCI educator certification. I have completed the Innate Traditions Postpartum series and The Matrona Holistic Postpartum program. I advocate for improving every womans postpartum! I am currently teaching VBAC 101 @The Birth Education Center to ensure safe and educated choices for women who desire a vaginal birth after a cesarean section.

Education, provider choice, and support are the foundations of a satisfying birth - your baby only gets one, and we need to get it right!


I am the very proud mother of three older and most exquisite children, and (so far) I have 2 perfect grandchildren.

All three of my own births were un-medicated, vaginal deliveries. I am an advocate of natural childbirth and nursing whenever possible. I will, without hesitation, support YOUR choices for your birth.

I subscribe to a common sense, stay in the moment method of support - you will feel safe, heard, and celebrated throughout our time together.

The support and education I received throughout my pregnancies and births was profound. I truly believe that your birth experience will help shape your position as a mother and as a woman, and that your voice and choices for your labor are yours alone. I will advocate for your positions and through education and support, help you have the experience you desire. Your partners position is secure - we are a team!!!

I'll be there for you before, during, and after your birth, and I am honored that you may consider me during this special time in your life.   


                                                             Here's to your BEST BIRTH EVER !  - Konnie